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vendredi 23 avril 2021

Maiden uniteD, Joey Bruers metal interview


MAIDEN UNITED Joey Bruers was the guest of ZanZanA Live Stream Metal Interview hosted by Karim Benamor on friday March 26th.

He spoked about Maiden uniteD weekend (March 26/27/28) with the start the sales of the following product:
* 3 Vinyl box with the first 3 Maiden uniteD albums: Mind The Acoustic Pieces + Across The Seventh Sea + Remembrance
* ‘Under The Curfew Lights’ DVD
* ‘Sailors of the Sky’ Bootleg of the final show of the 2019 tour featuring all parts of Empire of the Clouds
* Pre Sale ‘The Number of the Beast’ 10” Maxi Single Blood Red Transparant Vinyl.
*1980 Mailinglist is opened and everyone is free to add their contacts to the mailinglist

▬ About MAIDEN UNITED▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

When the Dutch Iron Maiden fan club asked Joey Bruers to do a different show; something other than the regular tribute or cover band. Steve Harris was attending the convention, so he had to think of something special. With musicians from several bands he performed a set of rearranged acoustic Maiden songs. The reactions from the crowd were overwhelming. The idea that became a show then became a project. A project to bring all kinds of musicians and fans together to celebrate the music. Maiden uniteD presents classic Iron Maiden songs in a new and exciting light. Acoustic re-arrangements that transform the songs into something that Iron Maiden fans would have never imagined hearing. Maiden uniteD has released 3 albums and an EP'.

"Mind The Acoustic Pieces" is an all-acoustic reinterpretation of the classic 1983 album 'Piece of Mind' with new arrangements. This release was accompanied by a European club tour and also brought them to the Download festival and Wacken Open Air. 'Across The Seventh Sea' features some well-known and some less well-knowsntracks by Iron Maiden. The guest musicians are Perttu Kivilaakso (Apocalyptica) on the album and Lee Morris (ex-Paradise Lost), Stef Broks (Textures) and Luke Appleton (Iced Earth) as tour guests.

The album 'Remembrance' even featured Maiden veterans Bayley and Di'Anno and was toured extensively with several tour guests as well. They closed off this chapter with a show at the Royal Theatre in Amsterdam with guests Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation) and Perttu Kivilaakso. Here they played their Empire of the Clouds suite, which was released as an EP on June 8th 2018. 

The latest album 'The Barrel House Tapes' took Maiden uniteD in yet another new direction.

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