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dimanche 24 octobre 2021

Marco Pastorino Quote about Diamanti last album of Temperance

"The differences between Diamanti and the previous albums is about the melodies 

Some tracks are more oriented pop but of course we have some big metal anthems again"

Marco Pastorino (Temperance)

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vendredi 15 octobre 2021

GRETA VAN FLEET Jake Kiszka family affair metal interview

GRETA VAN FLEET Jake Kiszka family affair metal interview
This interview was recorded by Karim Benamor backstage of Paris Download Festival in 2018

Questions : 
  • How it began ?
  • How is it that a young band sounds like a Led Zeppelin seventies band ?
  • About the importance of your parents that left you as young to go on the road and make music and choose this kind of life 
  • How did you learned playing music ?
  • About being three brothers in a band 
  • You were lucky to sign a deal with a record company as a young band
  • Have you made a contract with your parents about studies ?

▬About A Pale Horse Named Death ▬
Music is our saviour in even the darkest of times. A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH have demonstrated this unwavering truth throughout their first decade. Founded and led by multi-instrumentalist and Type O Negative alumnus SAL ABRUSCATO, the New York-based crew opened their creative account in 2011, with stunning debut album And Hell Will Follow Me: a slow-motion avalanche of crushing riffs, dark melodies and profound melancholy, with Abruscato’s heart-wrenching lyrics providing its songs with a deep emotional core. 

In 2013, A Pale Horse Named Death released their second album, Lay My Soul To Waste. Musically opulent and even more punishing in sonic terms than its predecessor, it was widely acclaimed as the Brooklyn unit’s finest work to date. Innumerable live shows confirmed that the band were forging strong connections with a dedicated and passionate audience, and despite a six-year wait, the third APHND album emerged in 2019 to a uniformly positive response. Of course, the album in question - When The World Becomes Undone – was blessed with what now seems an eerily prophetic title, as within months of its release, the whole world locked down. 

▬ Timestamps  ▬
00:00 - Welcome Sal Abruscato
00:51 - It's a blessing every time i get to put out a new record
02:27 - A new album,  new beginning ?
04:05 - Kelvin Doran's album cover and meanings
07:15 - Was "Infernum In Terra" inspired by pandemic, death, lockdown?
11:00 - Reactions to fans comments on social media
13:57 - About being compared to Alice In Chains
16:39 - Where does all this dark come from you Sal ?
19:57 - Is there a Doom New York scene?
22:05 - About going on tour for concerts
27:19 - Art for art state of mind
30:33 - Reaching new fans with this album

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samedi 9 octobre 2021

Best New Metal Releases September 2021 !

Hi, here are 15 metal Songs released in September 2021 that you may have missed !

  • KISSIN' DYNAMITE : "What Goes Up"
  • Placebo : "Beautiful James"
  • TEMPERANCE : "Pure Life Unfolds"
  • Dream Theater : “Invisible Monster"
  • ME AND THAT MAN : "Angel Of Light" feat. Myrkur
  • AVATAR - "Going Hunting"
  • ALIEN WEAPONRY : "Hatupatu"
  • Znous  : "Swed Elleel"
  • THE AGONIST - "Remnants In Time"
  • HYPOCRISY - "Chemical Whore"
  • Fans Of The Dark "Life Kills" 
  • THULCANDRA - "Funeral Pyre" 
  • BEAST IN BLACK - "Moonlight Rendezvous"
  • Papa Roach - "Kill The Noise"
  • AEPHANEMER - "Panta Rhei"

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