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samedi 3 avril 2021

EPICA, Mark Jansen, the "Omega" interview

Mark Jansen, guitarist of EPICA, was the guest of ZanZanA Live Stream Interview hosted by Karim Benamor on tuesday February 09th at 8:30 PM CET (gmt+1).

We spoke about the release of Ωmega,  the new EPICA album.

For more than 15 years, the band pressed the pedal to the metal, passionately touring the globe time and again. After what Simone Simons describes as “having been sitting in a high-speed train without stopping at any destination whatsoever”, the band in 2018 decided it was high time for a well-deserved rest. As soon as the »The Holographic Principle« cycle came to a close with their 1000th show, the band went into hiatus. Alright, alright, they still finished their very first autobiography “The Essence of EPICA” during that time, but you just can’t expect a band like EPICA sitting still, idly twiddling their thumbs now, can you? “It was the first real break we allowed ourselves,” Simone Simons says. “It did us all good and gave us a chance to reflect on what’s been happening since 2003. It all went by so fast.” Realizing how much EPICA accomplished made them far from satisfied. Indeed, it rekindled the fire in their hearts, bringing them back together sooner than expected.

Liens du streaming sur différentes plateformes audio et vidéo: lnkfi.re/Epica

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