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mardi 15 février 2022

NIMROD, interview about "As Above So Below"

Interview with NIMROD about their album "As Above So Below". 
NIMROD is a Djent, Oriental, Progressive Death Metal Band founded in 2018 in Beirut, Lebanon.

Ahmad Mkahal (Guitars), Karam Aslan (Guitars) and Serge Achkharian (Bass) answered to the questions of Karim Benamor: 
  • NIMROD: brief history of the band
  • origin of the band name
  • Djent and progressive metal band from the begining?
  • artists band members influenced by?
  • About Djent metal bands in Tunisia and arab world
  • NIMROD's definition of Djent
  • "As Above So Below" : How the album was written between different countries
  • about the singer Charbel Hadad and the lyrics
  • As Above So Below : about playing the songs on stage 
  • Is there a Lebanese metal scene and metal bands?
  • Is there a metal scene and metal bands in Iraq?
  • Turkish Metal Scene
  • NIMROD: Are there any contacts from labels or lebanese medias?
  • And now after the release of "As Above So Below" 
  • NIMROD, How to grow the fan base in the future?

"As Above So Below" is a concept album heavily inspired by Egyptian mythology. Each track portrays a different Egyptian God. The style ranges from heavy djenty riffs to melodic and soothing cleans.
The sound ranges from heavy Djent riffs embraced by Oriental elements and harsh vocals,
to soothing, storytelling music that takes the listener back to the age of the old ancient Gods.  

Nimrod, also known as "Osiris", is an Egyptian Lord of the Underworld and Judge of the Dead.

▬ Track listing ▬ 
  • 01. A Visitor To A Time (INTRO)
  • 02. AMUN RA (The Invisible Oneness)
  • 03. SETH (The Usurper)
  • 04. HORUS (Of The Two Horizons)
  • 05. Morir Es Vivir
  • 06. MIOS (Vengance Deity)
  • 08. The Departure

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