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samedi 21 août 2021

UNDERØATH Timothy (Tim) McTague Faith and Metal interview


UNDERØATH Timothy (Tim) McTague was the guest of Karim Benamor on an interview during Download Festival Paris on June 15 2018.
We spoke about the come back of Underoath, about faith and religion:
- UNDERØATH is more than 20 years old, long long road 
- Why the band disbanded in a moment when it was on top : 2 Grammy nominations and #8 on Billboard 200
- does someone when he is in a band for so much time feels like a slave in this band 
- Is being a normal person with a daily job annoying ?
- After 20 years as Christian Hardcore band, did you lose your faith?
- Having the religious band label means no sex and drug and rock'n'roll
- "Erase me" as a model, I am who I am?
- Getting out from religious label in a time where religion (Trumb, Christian activism, Isis...) is important
- it's supposed to be the same god for christian and muslims and jewish...
-  after 20 years of existence, have you questioned yourself about your future as a band?
- Have you got the same anger nowadays?
- Do you know where is Tunisia?

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