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dimanche 31 janvier 2021

Vikram Shankar speaks about his collaboration with Carthagods via Timo Somers

Vikram Shankar Speaks about his collaboration with Carthagods, via Timo Somers, on the album "The Monster In Me". Vikram made the orchestrations of the album.

Link of the complete interview : https://youtu.be/3bRpehFCfKg

Vikram Shankar was the guest of ZanZanA Live Streaming Show hosted by Karim Benamor on monday january 25th. 

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Vikram Shankar is an American pianist, multi-instrumentalist, keyboardist, composer, arranger, and producer based in Cleveland, Ohio. He specialize in the rock, progressive, metal, classical, jazz, film scoring, pop, and folk genres. 

He plays keyboards in multinational progressive metal band Redemption, piano in multinational cinematic duo Silent Skies with Evergrey frontman Tom Englund, keyboards with progressive rock trio Lux Terminus, and have played or worked with Miles Davis saxophonist Sam Morrison, famed Dutch vocalist Anneke van Giersbergen, Evergrey frontman Tom Englund, Delain guitarist Timo Somers, ex-The Faceless guitarist Justin McKinney, and have experience producing, mixing, orchestrating, composing for film and visual media, and more. He has played live at such events as Progpower USA, the USA's premier melodic metal festival, where he co-headlined with Redemption and filmed a live Blu-Ray, the legendary Whisky A Go-Go in Los Angeles, and many more.

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